Herbal Sitz Bath- Earth Mama Organics

Herbal Sitz Bath- Earth Mama Organics

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Earth Mama formulated the Organic Herbal Sitz Bath herbs to provide much needed relief from common swelling or irritation associated with pregnancy and postpartum.

“Hold up,” we can hear you say. “What is a heck is sitz bath?” It’s a shallow bath that is used to clean and provide direct relief to the perineal region. You know…down there.  

You’ve got two options:

  • Use your tub and fill it with 3 to 4 inches of warm water plus brewed Organic Herbal Sitz Bath liquid.
  • Purchase an actual sitz bath. This is a plastic “tub” that conveniently fits over your toilet — you can find one in the “home health care” section at your local pharmacy.
  • Pour the warm brew from Organic Herbal Sitz Bath herbs directly into the sitz bath kit. And, then, you put your butt right in it, for a convenient delivery of these helpful herbs.

Got hemorrhoids, or varicose in the vulva, or just trying to heal down there? Try Organic Herbal Sitz Bath!

Plus, it’s one product with SO many possibilities.

  • Cover the herbal satchet with boiling water, then steep for about 5 min. Once herbs have steeped and cooled, use the water in a sitz bath.
  • Padsicles! Pour cooled brew over feminine pads, and soak for a bit. Gently squeeze the water out and place pads in the fridge or freezer for a major “ahhh” factor. Use now, or make a batch and save them for postpartum…you’ll be glad you did! (see video below)
  • We want ALL of you to feel loved. Because it’s not just about the bump here in Mama’s Bump Squad! We’ve got you covered from top to bottom and front to back. So feel free to apply those products liberally — and in the meantime, we’re sending love and some ahhhh-inspiring relief to you and your lady parts.