Tally's Goat Milk Products

Our Story
Our farm started in 2013 to help my veteran husband deal with his service related PTSD. Since then we have grown the farm from 2 horses to 5 horses, 3 donkeys, 1 mule, and 30 goats. The initial purpose of our farm was for therapy, and it still is; however, after having to leave my career to care for my husband, I wanted to make sure our farm could keep operating in order to help others. Because we had dairy goats, I thought why not make soap. I did plenty of research into which oils would have the highest benefits for all areas of the body, including hair. And VOILA!

Our Products
Our products are made with unpasturized goats milk. All our goats are hand milked daily. Our Shampoo bars are made with Sunflower Oil (for hair repair & growth) and Shea Butter (for scalp problems & taming hair). Our Facial bars are made with Grapeseed Oil (for fine lines, breakouts, & tighten pores). Our Body bars are made with Avocado Oil (to protect, replenish, & repair skin). Our Lotion bars are made with Beeswax (natural skin protectant). We do not use perfumes, colorants, paraffins, or chemicals in any of our products and we use minimal environmentally friendly packaging. Our bars are also great for traveling! We are always researching to expand our product line so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. You can purchase our products either online or at one of our awesome retail partners, just visit us at www.ataraxyfarm.com.

Giving Back
We built our farm for everyone. Our friendly animals are here for everyone to enjoy. Our visitors have included many injured veterans and members of the Eastern Shore Mental Health Association. If you would like to visit our farm, we only ask that you contact us first as our animals can become overwhelmed with too many visitors. Thank you