Dartmouth’s One Stop Little Eco Shop

Preferencial Sourcing from SM - MED Sized Businesses in NS(47 now) Intentionally Sourcing from Minorities, Women & Families 1st. Many Based on Heart Initiatives. Others simply because they Work/Do what they say!

How was MBB Created from Concept to Shop?

With a General Love of People, Nature, Considerations of Mental Health, Accessibility Needs, and Physical Limitations Paired with the Realities of a Mil Spouse life with a Lack of Local Support Systems.

In Summary: LOVE & DETERMINATION to SIMPLIFY ACCESS to SUSTAINABLE Shopping, Local Goods, and Gifts.

Sensitive Skin? Allergies & Intolerances? Myself, the Kids, even the dog have them We offer Experience when it comes to products you use on your body and in your home.

Gifts for All included Here

Together will Make a Difference (Economy - Nature)

We Do Better if we all do better - Momma B.

You Can! We Help!

Eco Friendly Sustainable Habits can be Simple, Fitted for your Unique Individual Household, SAVE $$$, and Heck even be FUN! Have we Met? Come on In!

Proudly Discovering Quality Sustainable Goods that last.

Personal Care, Cleaning Supplies, Housewares, and many Local Gifts in stock.

Many items tested and used regularily by staff and their families.

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Easter - Sticker Sheets - LocalKids WheelbarrowPebble - Yellow Chick BasketPebble - Easter EggPebble - Easter Egg

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Spring Cleaning

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