Liss & Landi - Reusable Cloth Items & Handmade Baby Items

    Our Story

    Liss & Landi was inspired by my experiences being a new mom and my quest to find functional quality burp cloths.  After spending countless hours trying to find what I was looking for and having zero success, I had the life changing idea to make my own.  

    Shortly after the birth of my son Landen, and seeing the quality and functionality of the burp cloth, my husband DJ came to me with an amazing idea; “Instead of going back to work, why don’t you follow your passion for sewing and create your own company?”

    Just like that Liss & Landi was born!

    I began by creating a line of baby products that I personally found useful.  My goal was to provide families with quality, affordable, handmade items that would improve lifestyle while caring for their families and growing little ones.

    Upon the arrival of my daughter Harper, I became interested in finding ways to reduce household waste. I invested in my new line by creating an absorbent, reusable paper towel. Customers would be protecting the environment and their pockets; while using a product they ultimately prefer.

    Four years after launching, we are very proud to announce that Liss & Landi now has over 20 baby and reusable, eco-friendly products.

    I, handcraft each quality product with care and am proud to be eco-friendly.  My family and I reside in Westville, Nova Scotia.  We hope you enjoy the products as much as we do!


                                                                                              -  Melissa