Our Why

Dartmouth Nova Scotia's ☝️ 1 πŸ›‘ Shop Sourcing some of the Best Local Gift 🎁 πŸ“¦Β  & Luxury Personal Care items in Nova Scotia. Go On & Gift Yourself πŸ’ or Someone Else:) πŸ’•Β 

Self Care - Women tend to others often neglecting time for themselves. We encourage self compassion & me time by having self care items accessible and affordable on a price tier.

One Earth - Negotiating less packaging since we opened. Providing alternative choices for greener, earth friendlier ingredients, sustainable, and refillable choices. We adore our earth 🌍, waterways hold our heart 🌊 , and all whom we share it with.Β  We do not discriminate between trees,🌲 🌳 πŸƒΒ  insects 🐝 🐜 πŸ•· 🐞,Β  creatures big 🐳 πŸ‹ 🐻  and small 🐭 πŸ‡ 🐹.Β 

Confidence - WeΒ take pride in our brand choices and test many items we stock & source Fair Trade/ Ethically made. By choosing to import from small - medium sized businesses that support women & families we hope to genuinely help.

Local Connection - 75% + items are sourced in Nova Scotia and the Partnerships are Valued. We are always connecting and encouraging the growth of our vendors. Together we can & will make a difference in our local economy.Β 

Our Belief - Vowing to honour & encourage choice we hope to help regular households become more environmentally conscious and aware when making purchases.Β 

Momma Bear - Hi there, I’m Erin owner aka Momma Bear. I struggled to find local products with values & ingredients I could trust that were safe for my boys, our waterways, the environment and our friends in nature we share this incredible planet with. I loved shopping local when it was just one son and I would put him in a carrier on my back and navigate busy markets. Since having a second child I found it challenging to purchase local as much as i wanted so I started working markets with him in tow and when created Momma Bears Boutique we wanted to simplify local shopping and increase accessibility. Momma Bears Boutique was my plan for 2022 when my kids were in school but after loosing employment during 2020 I took advantage of the time and got to work. I knew the time was now, I knew I needed to secure our future, I knew I could potentially help other local small businesses. We opened our doors to friends and family Nov 28th, 2020 and to the Public December 6th 2020. We started with any table and chair we could find, paint and refinish, it was pretty crowded! We are so thankful for all whom continue to support us as we continue to grow.

Our logo symbolizes a larger bear overshadowing a smaller bear with their hearts being a leaf symbolizing all we stand for, our goal, and journey.Β