Our Why

Who Us?
Just Working on Our Vision While Supporting Local & Attempting World Change

Sourcing Some of the Best Local Gift 🎁 📦 & Personal Care items in Nova Scotia & Abroad

CFA's that consider the 🌏  & all that reside here - Less Packaging, Kinder Impacts

Go On & Gift Yourself 💝 or Someone Else:) 💕

Women Need Extra Time for Themselves - Ridiculous Expectations Make this a Forefront when Selecting Items

Encouraging Compassion, Practising Forgiveness,  Consciously Considering Choices

Hey 👋  Earth 🌍 - We Adore You 💕  Waterways Hold Hearts 🌊  Nature we are Listening 🌲 🌳 🌲 

Insects 🐝 🐜 🕷 🐞 Creatures  🐻 🐭 🐇 🐹  Big + Small  🐳 🐋  We Respect You ☮️ 

Through Product Testing (through the chain of the FAMJAMS sensitive skin) we Realize Pros & Cons of items before they hit the shelf. When we love a product we know it's likely you will too!

Never Ever Tested on Animals - Cruelty Free - Large Vegan Selection

Deliberate Sourcing w/i Small-Medium Sized Businesses & Like Minded People(Passionate & Heartfelt)

Intentionally Supporting Women & Families hoping 🙏  to Genuinely Help We know the struggle of Childcare, Business, Opportunity and the Impact we can make Positively coming from our Drawbacks. 

Dartmouth's Local Eco Shop - 44 Local Nova Scotian Brands, a Few Canadian Brands, Several B-Corps & 1% For the Planet, Social Impact & Humanitarian Partnerships Represented and Valued.

Together we are Creating Momentum Environmentally &  Locally - Join Us

🪴 Helping You Select & Purchases More Consciously 🌱
Momma Bear - Hi there, I’m Erin Owner & Operator aka 🐻Momma Bear🧸

Struggling to find local products with values & ingredients I trusted that were safe for my boys, the environment, and the waterways that didn't create irritation was difficult.  Navigating markets physically, juggling nap times, it became easier to order online versus locally we wanted to open a place where Skincare items as well as other local gems could be made accessible to more. 

👉P.S - We Deliver    👉👉P.P.S - We Ship.  👉👉👉P.P.P.S - Curb-Side 4Ever

Increasing Accessibility is #1 for Myself & All of You Whom Read this Far Thank you 😊 

Can we Build a Mini Market outside the market with Parking? Yes we Can! Why wouldn't we?! 

Planning 1st for 2022/23 when kids were in school to create a secure job for myself and my freedom the dream Lived in a little book. Confronted with World Change during Covid the time was Then to hustle. So it began, and this is why each Month we build new offerings & vendors. 

Opening Doors to Friends & Family Nov 28th 2020 & Public December 6th 2020 in a lockdown we Believed in Ourselves.

Thank you all whom continue to support us as we continue to grow & Give you the Customers What they Want

Our logo symbolizes a larger bear overshadowing a smaller bear with their hearts being a leaf symbolizing all we stand for, our goal, and journey.  Take care of those and all living things that cannot take care of themselves or may need help doing so. The EARTH, WATERWAYS, ANIMALS, CHILDREN, AND WOMEN that need the help.