Scotian Shores

Scotian Shores


    From the Maker:

    Thank you for being part of the solution

    In the Summer of 2020 we started our journey of making the Shorelines of Nova Scotia a little cleaner while creating awareness of the ocean's plastic crisis. It started with one family and a dream to do something that was meaningful and that created a positive change. Follow our journey on Facebook to keep the most up to date! (

    We all want our shorelines to stay beautiful but the ocean's plastic crisis is becoming something we can't ignore. We all want to help fix the problem - but not all of us have the time or ability to do so.  

    Our solution: Send people that can! 

    Each purchase of a Scotian Shores product will help remove 1 pound(OR MORE) of garbage from our provinces shoreline. Our team will go collect the trash for you and make sure it is disposed of properly. You can keep up with the progress by following our social media pages!

    Every bracelet is locally made and features Nova Scotian sea glass.  Purchase one of our bracelets today for only $20(plus S&H if applicable) and wear it proudly knowing that you are part of the solution. (Or gift it to someone who will appreciate that every part of this piece of unique jewelry has intent and meaning behind it!)

    Contact us at to reserve yours! You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram!

    One Product = One Pound

    We are committing to making the shorelines of Nova Scotia a little cleaner - One pound at a time