CitroBug for Adults

CitroBug for Adults

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Citro Bug mosquito repellent SPRAY Health Canada certified

100% Natural Mosquito Repellent in spray is made with essential oils such as lemon, camphor, geranium,eucalyptus and pine, It is biodegradable and safe for the whole family!  Very efficent against mosquitoes, ticks and flies. Most effective Natural Repellent available on the Canadian market to date. It is DEET, alcohol and water free. If that wasn't enough, our product is recommended by health professionals! Don't let mosquitos or tics ruin the fun you could have with your family! Take a bottle along with you and enjoy your day outside. 

Citro Soap A Neutral PH level makes you unattractive to mosquitos!!! 
Are you dreaming of a soap bar that is made from 100% essential oils? Our soap Citrolug consists of the following oils: citronnella, lemon, camphor, eucalyptus, geranium and pine. Our unique product has a base of pure olive oil, which leaves the skin feeling plump and supple.  Unlike other soaps, our product is pure and simple and can be used for a range of skin types. It works wonders for dry skin along with greasy. There are no parabens, phtalates, SLS or artificial fragrances. We take the well-being of the environnement very seriously and we do not test on animals.

Citro Lotion A child's skin is the most delicate skin out there, which is why it should be treated with care and with natural ingredients. A lot of people tend to forget how important it is to moisturize, especially for the young ones. Our moisturizing outdoor cream Citrolug hydrates and protects the skin. It's delicious aroma comes from essential oils such as eucalyptus, geranium, lemon, pine and camphor. It is specially tailored for people with fragile skin. Our cream is hypoallergenic and doesn't have any toxic agents. It can be used on babies older than 6 months due to it being paraben, ethanolamine and EDTA free!

We created a cream with 100% pure essential oils which repel tics, mosquitos, fruit flies along with many others. Our product has been recommended by health specialist because our unique formula does not include any synthetic molécules or any DEET. It is ideal for any vacation, camping trip, hunting expedition and of course family outings! It is recommended for children who are 2 years old and up.  Enjoy the smell of lemon, camphor, eucalyptus, germanium and pine the next time you decide to go explore the wilderness! Great for children 2 and under as it does not contain as as much water.

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