Bamboo Blankets Large for Toddlers up to 6

Bamboo Blankets Large for Toddlers up to 6

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Quotes on Blankets

Dino’s: “You are my Sunshine”

Bears: “Let me Love you a Little More Before You are Not Little Anymore”

Size: 40 * 30 inches

Buttery soft, smooth, and plush feeling

The blanket for all seasons: cool in summer and warm in winter. The bamboo material side gives a cool, smooth and relaxing feeling. The minky side gives the plush, warm, and comfort care.

Can be used as a crib blanket, stroller blanket, car seat blanket, tummy mat

The unique design by Bambi Bamboo only: Beautiful sloth, moon, stars, I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever

The unique material combination on the market: Bamboo and Minky mix. Bamboo material is super soft and gentle on skin while bamboo plants take the minimal amount of water, produces 30% more oxygen compare with other plants take the same space, and require no fertilizers, or pesticides

Not all bamboo products on market are created equally

Bambi Bamboo products are incredibly soft to the touch, thirstily absorb water, and beautiful in design. At Bambi Bamboo, all of our products are made from only the finest quality natural bamboo or mix of natural bamboo and cotton. We design beautiful prints and styles of our products so they are exclusively made for only our brand Bambi Bamboo.

Giving back

Starting beginning of 2018, Bambi Bamboo has proudly became the long-term sponsor for International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF) (  Every purchase you made, we donate a portion to BabyHeart to provide free pediatric cardiac surgeries in many countries all over the globe.