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Candle Sets

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Pick your Flavour! Scent Pallet! Preference? I like them all! These duos are perfect for gifting as they are boxed up on shredded papers locally made and at a discount! 

Gracious Candle Co

We love the sense of community we have in our small city. It’s filled with so many diverse and inspiring people who impact our lives everyday. Our first candle series celebrates the amenities we love most in our neighbourhood: The Green Grocer, The Coffee Shop, The Flower Shop, and the Saturday Market.

Like all Gracious candles, The Coffee Shop is hand-poured in Baden, Ontario. It’s made with 100% plant-based ingredients, including an all natural coconut soy wax, a naturally coated cotton wick, and 100% essential oils. It’s free of parabens, genetically-modified material, and both pesticide and herbicide residues. This means The Coffee Shop is a clean-burning candle, sure to bring simplicity and comfort to your home.

1. Green Grocer + Lavender Vanilla 

2. Coffee Shop + Lavender Vanilla

3. Flower Shop + Lemongrass and Sweet Orange

Coffee Shop - Vanilla | Coffee  6oz | 40 hour burn Description: To us, the coffee shop is definitely a community staple. Whether stopping in for “the usual” on a weekday morning, catching up with a friend over a flat white, or taking in the sense of productivity while working on a side-hustle beside other entrepreneurs, there’s always a sense of familiarity when you step into your neighbourhood coffee shop.

Lavender + Vanilla 6oz/40 hour burn A calming, therapeutic blend that promotes relaxation with its warm earthy scent. Ingredients: coconut soy wax, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) essential oil, Vanilla plantifolia (Vanilla) essential oil.

The Green Grocer - Grapefruit | Orange | Lime 6oz | 40 hour burn  Description: We love walking up to our neighbourhood green grocer, where bushels of seasonal fruit, organic greens, and aromatic herbs overflow right out to the sidewalk. Often a spot to run into neighbours and veggie enthusiasts alike, as you stock up on fresh, local produce. 

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